Tips on settling newborns

There are some subjects that mothers everywhere are keen to discuss with me and the top of the list would have to be settling tips. Mostly you would have been given a long list of things to do in hospital but sometimes it is good to go back to a list as information overload can sometimes see you forgetting the simple things. Below are a few of my favourites.

Baby massage

The relaxing effect of baby massage after a warm bath with a top up feed cannot be overstated. I would say this is the most successful for those times where you need to both rest for a while. See footnotes for resources.


Lavender and chamomile are great blends to keep the family relaxed. Often an overtired or overstimulated baby just needs a few minutes near a diffuser with some best quality oils. There are blends available especially for babies or use single oils for their specific effects. See footnotes for resources

Happy mother happy baby

Mothers and babies are linked and you will find your baby is an expert already at picking up on your mood. Anxiety and tension are a part of the world today in lesser or greater degrees. While coffee and other stimulants can give you the much needed energy to soldier on, keep in mind that coffee/ caffeine stays in the newborns system for several days to a week and and can affect baby’s sleep as well. Think about herbal teas like chamomile to give you a calm edge.


Keep in mind with changing temperatures that your baby is not overheated or a shade on the cold side. Sometimes an extra blanket or a cotton muslin wrap may be the difference between that much needed sleep for you both.

Relaxation music

Playing relaxing music can be so beneficial to the household. Many mothers feel that it impacts babies, toddlers and themselves, so try some nature sounds like running water, waves and rain and see how they roll with you. There are Apps out there to suit all tastes. The effect of “white noise “ can be very positive to smooth out sudden loud noises in the neighbourhood.

Try blending a few of the above to suit your little family. While each of these individually may be useful, a combination that suits the individual mother and baby may be just what is needed.

I have an aversion to the word routine and prefer to refer to baby patterns. The first few weeks are full of many changes to you both and to your hormones / lactation. Sometimes babies just need to feed and feel close to you. Try lying down to feed as you can rest a little at this time as well.

Watching the clock does not take into account the mass of changes (which are too long to list) that are happening physically and mentally to you both.

Follow your instincts, trust them and watch your baby respond to the growing number of cues you are giving out naturally.

Lastly, remember and acknowledge every day the miracle that you have just produced, how much you have learned and that you now know more about your baby than anyone else in the world.

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