Combining breastfeeding and breast pumping

Today I have been thinking about technology and how we can be assisted greatly by it. Breast pumps are a great invention and can be used to stimulate supply and provide mothers with a means to extract precious breastmilk for their babies.

Care needs to be taken though that we don’t overstimulate the breasts and invite problems such as mastitis into the picture. Nature has put several checks and balances into the system of our bodies to help keep us safe and ensure a continuous supply of full fat milk for our babies to grow and also rest easily between feeds. If we work with the marvels of nature to complement our needs in this fast paced world we can have the best of both worlds.

The first month

With the high of looking at the beautiful creation that we have brought into the world safely starting to settle, new mothers are starting to look towards a bigger picture. There are many questions that google can give you and a range of answers to but sometimes because we have so much advice from different quarters, confusion can rear its ugly head.

Discussion with an unbiased person can give you a clearer way ahead to forge your new path to suit you and your baby who are distinct individuals. Settling techniques, frequency of feeding, growth spurts and normal infant behaviour ranges are some of the things new mothers discuss with me so that they are informed and ready for the challenges that lay ahead.

Margaret Currie is a Lactation Consultant servicing the areas of Port Stephens and Newcastle. If you'd like to book an in home consultation with Margaret, you can call her on 0419 620 064.

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