Helpful Self Care Tips for New Mum

The first few weeks of motherhood are filled with many highs and lows - a new identity is forming with the birth of your baby. It is so easy to be focused on doing a great job and meeting everyone’s needs except your own.

For generations, mothers have always put their family's priorities over theirs, even going without food if there wasn’t enough for the family. Instinctively, mums care for all around us, even the pets, before we think about what we need.


  1. Increase your serotonin levels by taking a daily walk in the fresh air before lunch.

  2. Conversation can make you feel less alone ~ Plan to meet up with another mum for a walk or strike up conversation with other mums when you're out.

Research has shown that three brisk walks a week can be as effective as an anti-depressant. Each woman has a different set of needs but, in general, if those needs are not met to a certain level, your mood and energy levels can start to slip into the negative.

Good nutrition at regular intervals is also important for your fat levels in your breast milk supply. Good levels of fat ensure the slow release of sugars and help extend sleeping times between feeds. Low fat levels can contribute to uneasiness and the need for frequent feeding, setting up an unhealthy cycle for baby’s gut flora.

There are so many beautiful beach and park walks around Port Stephens and Newcastle, even in winter, the days are often beautiful and sunny for you and bub to take a stroll.

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