Newborn Support for Early Discharge - Private Patients

Many women who have their babies in a Private hospital still prefer to go home as soon as possible to start motherhood in the comfort and privacy of their own home. Having a lactation consultant can make this decision easier and the transition smoother.

There’s various reasons why women want to go home early after having their baby - you may have another young child at home who you're eager to get back to or you might just not be comfortable in the hospital environment. With friends and family wanting to visit in that first week and so much to take in, it's understandable that many mums choose to go home early and settle in their routine in familiar surroundings.

You can engage a lactation consultant at any time however if you get to form that relationship at the antenatal stage then you will have peace of mind when the time comes to go home from hospital and you can be rest assured that a professional who is familiar with your needs is standing by and on call to help you when you get home.

Check your health fund for postnatal nursing services as many funds cover Lactation Consulting.

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