It's never too early to prepare for breastfeeding your baby - Antenatal Support

Your individual family needs when expecting a baby can encompasses many facets including expressed breast milk, going back to work early, mixed feeding and managing complex health conditions. Feedback from mums is that engaging a lactation consultant early at the antenatal stage is very helpful in reaffirming their own personal birthing and breastfeeding plans.

Benefits to engaging a lactation partner antenatally can include:-

1. Gestational diabetes - your "LC" can help you prepare a plan for expressing colostrum before baby is born should it be needed medically after the birth.

2. Planning - your approach to birthing with realistic expectations. Develop your personalised breastfeeding plan early for peace of mind. Forming that relationship with your "LC" early on will help them understand your personal philosophy on parenting and your hopes & desires and they will be able to help you stay on track in the midst of the high and lows.

3. Avoiding mastitis - there are important things to know, do and avoid to reduce the risk of engorgement v getting enough sleep v partner participation.

4. The 'how to's' - discussing physiology. Getting comfortable enough with someone to ask all those questions you have will boost your confidence and leave you feeling reassured.

5. Streamlining your advice - having a baby & learning to feed can sometimes feel overwhelming in the beginning, especially with the first baby. Receiving varying advice from multiple well meaning professionals can, at times, contribute to your anxiety. When time is of the essence and your sleep is deprived, you need fast advice and to make few decisions. By finding your 'LC' early and allowing them to come on the journey from pregnancy to breastfeeding with you means you've got somebody nearby who knows your history, is aware of your desires and concerns and can quickly ensure your needs are met without you needing to get new faces up to date.

Margaret is a qualified, caring and passionate lactation consultant covering the regions of Newcastle and Port Stephens. For more information about Margaret's services, visit

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