Fighting Cold with Newborn Baby

The cold and flu season is now upon us. If you are unwell, consume lots of fluids, soups and fresh juices and conserve as much energy as possible. Your breastmilk contains all the antibodies your body has made for fighting colds and flu.

It's interesting that studies show babies love garlic flavoured milk. Little blocked noses should be cleared if possible with a squeeze bulb or drop of salty water to loosen the mucus.

Generally, babies will sneeze away the nasal mucus. Fussing at the breast and refusal to feed continuously can be a sign that they aren't able to breath as well as they need to. Babies are nose breathers so they won't stay attached to your breast with a blocked nose.

Over the counter flu medications need to be cleared with your pharmacist to ensure safety with breastfeeding. If you feel your supply may be diminished from sickness, remember that you make more when baby takes more.


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