Where's My Peaceful Baby! 4 1/2 Month changes.

You've made it through the newborn phase, well done! You're now feeling confident with your new baby and your routine but suddenly things start to hit a rocky road.

Your baby's little brain is developing fast and changes are continuing to occur in both of you. You are experiencing hormonal changes and as baby begins to sleep through the night and solid foods are introduced, all these factors can cause unsettling.

Having baby sleep through the night is such a blessing we can sometimes forget to consider the impact this has to our feed routine and our breast health. There are some adjustments that can be made to compensate for the long periods between feeds.

This 4 1/2 month period can be pivotal time for the breastfeeding mum and though it's well worth persevering, not all mums make it through this next hurdle without giving up and resorting to bottle feeding. There is a way through, with some adjustments, taking into account all the factors that may be occurring for you and your baby, we can get things on track and get baby settled again.

I'm on regular visits to mums across the Nelson Bay, Port Stephens and Newcastle areas. If you need some help with any phase of your breastfeeding and settling and you'd like someone to come to your home, I can be reached on 0419 620 064. Margaret Currie - Maternicare.

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