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From the first instant I met Margaret I didn’t want her to leave my side as I entered motherhood for the first time!!!! And for a good three days she stayed with me night and day for each and every feed I undertook with my baby!!!! And every second with her was a gift to our family.
Never had I paid proper attention to breastfeeding of anyone.....but it was the one thing as a mother I wanted to give to my child. And something I found quite daunting and unnatural.....believe it or not.....Margaret was so knowledgeable, she saw my mistakes before I even knew and softly and kindly helped me immediately to feed a newborn like a natural. Of every service I was offered following the birth of my child, Margaret Irene Currie’s coaching was the ONE I valued the most! I even tracked her down to personally thank her after my discharge from hospital, and was luckily enough to have her be there for my sister in her journey to motherhood with a prem baby! Ur guidance through mastitis with a 7 month old was also the main force that got me through those days, and ur information was so much more detailed and personalised than from a gp!!! Margaret, you have a gift and have been such a great influence in our life and have given me and my family so much of ur love and time....and time is precious! We honestly can’t than you enough
Love Perry, Roxy and baby Maya

Roxy & Perry


Margaret you changed/saved my breastfeeding journey! 
From the moment she stepped into our house I felt relieved. Her warm nature made it feel as though I had know her my whole life, when in reality it was only about 10 seconds. After slipping through the cracks in the hospital and having no one actually check my sons latch, feeding was extremely uncomfortable and painful for me. I knew within myself that something wasn’t right, which made me dread feeding my son in front of people both because of the pain and because I felt other mums would be able to tell my baby wasn’t/couldn’t latch properly but not once did I feel uncomfortable trying to feed my son while she watched and coached us. With Margaret’s coaching I instantly felt the difference between how we were feeding and how we should have been feeding. Before Margaret came into our lives I was ready to give up feeding my son, about 15minutes into our session my whole demeanour towards breastfeeding was changed, with Margaret’s coaching and knowledge I instantly felt I could do this. What I also found amazing was Margaret not only helped me but helped my husband learn ways he could help us as well. Which in turn made him feel more involved and useful. Margaret you are amazing, you saved our breastfeeding journey and I can’t thank you enough for that. I have no doubt if you hadn’t been able to see us in as quickly as you did I would have given up and never would have experienced this amazing part of being a mother. 
Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Kirra, Paul and Michael

Kirra Rudder


I had several visits from Margaret when I bought my first baby home as I had latching problems which left my husband and I very anxious in that few weeks. Despite all the best laid out plans, we still incurred some problems at home  Her knowledge was so valuable to us and our baby and she really made me feel more confident in my own ability as a first time mum. Margaret helped us identify a tongue tie in Lilia which no-one else had picked up.  Margaret devised a plan for us to help avoid mastitis developing.  She helped me with latching and patiently answered all our questions. Margaret went the extra mile to encourage us and she had knowledge in every area including helping us get into a routine and helping my husband feel included.  On one particular evening, I was engorged and I spent 5 hours on the hotline through the night after not being able to contact our allocated midwife. While the hotline was lovely, she wasn't able to help us so we became very distressed.  By morning, I was extremely distressed and in despair when I called Margaret.  She gave me advice over the phone, came immediately over and within a short time, Lilia was fed and I was so relieved.  Margaret was so calming and and so encouraging and knew exactly what to do. We don't know how we would have made it through this time without her. We are forever grateful to you Margaret. Courtney, Davo & Lilia.

Courtney & Davo Crone

Nelson Bay, New South Wales

"At 4 months, my son is still breastfeeding thanks to Margarets continued support. This is something that was really important to me after having a rocky breastfeeding relationship with my first son. Although I tried to access support the first time through hospitals and clinics, I found it hard to get the information that I needed in a timely manner. It is very difficult to access breastfeeding support in the Nelson Bay area as all support has to be sought in Newcastle.  Had I not contacted her I doubt that I would be still breastfeeding today. I can’t recommend her enough!"


Anna Bay, New South Wales

'The best Midwife and Lactation Consultant around!!'


Soldiers Point, New South Wales

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