Lactation Consultan

What can we expect?


When Margaret arrives she will have an initial conversation with you to get to know your journey through your pregnancy, birthing and into feeding and caring for your baby. 


Margaret will ask you some questions with a view to identifying your concerns and any areas you feel you might need help. 


Many mums are doing better than they realise with feeding their baby and with just a few tips, re-positioning and perhaps some small adjustments and encouragement, that's all that they need to continue on their breastfeeding journey with confidence. Occasionally, the factors may be more complex and could even result in a referral to another health professional however most problems can be solved in one or two visits with an executed plan.


There are many variables to breastfeeding successfully as your baby is a unique, beautiful individual.  Margaret is able to draw on her education as well as her many years of experience to give you the best possible outcome.


Margaret will arrange a suitable time to visit, scheduled around feed time.  On average, visits normally take around 1 hour. At the end of your visit, payment is required either by cash or by electronic transfer before the visit concludes and a receipt will be issued for compensation through your health fund.  


As a part of Margaret's offers one telephone follow up call (up to 15 minutes) and an emailed plan can be sent if desired as part of her consultation package.



Lactation Consultant Newcastle

Postnatal visits

  • Attachment & supply strategies

  • Mastitis prevention & treatment

  • Engorgement & milk supply

  • Nipple care

  • Expressing & settling support

  • Structuring your day

Together we will formulate a breastfeeding plan that works for you and your baby.  I will follow you up within 24 hours after your visit to see how you are going.


Other services

  • Antenatal breastfeeding advice

    • Enter into motherhood relaxed and informed - for expectant mums and dads.
  • Antenatal workshops

    • Be enriched, informed & empowered about pregnancy, labour & birth - group classes
  • Midwifery services

    • Professional expert care during pregnancy, birth and beyond.



Proper Latch & Sucking can help to avoid: 

Nipple damage 

Low milk supply  

Blocked ducts 


Unsettled baby 

Lactation Consultant Newcastle